Ice Cream Gardens

At Rush Munro’s we’ve been hand crafting traditionally delicious Ice Cream for generations and serving it from our iconic Ice Creamery set amongst rose gardens and fish ponds on Heretaunga Street, Hastings.


In 1931, after the Hawke’s Bay Earthquake, Frederick Rush Munro and his wife re-settled their home and business at 704 Heretaunga Street, Hastings. It was hallmark of so many early “kiwi” businesses that made a start in the kitchens, spare rooms and garages of homes across the country. Initially the Ice Creamery was limited to the store front still standing largely unchanged where it is today, with Frederick and Catherine living in the house at the rear. Next, a pergola was added with a lily pool and fountain for outside dining. In time Rush Munro purchased the section next door and extended the garden. It is during this period that Rush Munro’s Ice Cream and his Garden became synonymous.

In visiting the Gardens you will step into a well-worn chapter in early New Zealand history and an oasis set amongst contemporary modern business’s. You will experience the tranquillity of a walled Garden sitting gracefully in the middle of a modern town. Visitors are surrounded by Frederick Rush Munro’s prized roses, the green trellised table booths and dappled gold fish ponds that feature in so many New Zealander’s childhood memories.

It is a setting that wonderfully compliments stolen family moments sharing Ice Cream. It is also heart-warming to know that visitors have been coming to the Gardens across the generations for the same treasured enjoyment. It is why we like to think of the Rush Munro’s Gardens as “Our National Treasure”.