Our Icecream

Our super premium Ice Cream is 100% natural and contains no artificial colours, preservatives, additives or flavours. Our range of fruit Ice Creams contain up to 17% real fruit!  We continue to use only the finest ingredients – farm fresh cream, whole milk and pure cane sugar to this day. Here’s 8 reasons why we think our Ice Cream is pretty special:

Because we only use only Fresh Milk and Cream, you enjoy a ‘scratch’ made Ice Cream hand crafted by us – we think it gives you the thick, rich, creamy Ice Cream you have come to expect from Rush Munro.

Our Ice Cream only uses fresh fruit, up to 17fruit with no artificial packaged flavourings and colourings – that’s the goodness of Rush Munro.

To deliver you Rush Munro’s full bodied creamy Ice Cream, our hand made Ice Cream custard is blended to include 14+% Milk Fat. It means more cream and less water.

Our original recipes are over 95 years oldThis means you enjoy an Ice Cream the way it has been made for generations. From a time where food was simple and wholesome.  When good food was hand made. To this day we peel our Bananas by hand, our Mochaccino is made from our brewed espresso, our Cookies and Cream is made by hand crumbling the cookies. This means you enjoy an Ice Cream that has been hand crafted from the ground up by us.

All our Ice Creams are small batch made, in slow churns. This means we can deliver ingredient rich flavours. It’s why we can have pips in our Passion Fruit Ice Cream and almond chunks in our Feijoa, Ginger & Almond. Being less refined means more flavour, more texture and more importantly less air.

At Rush Munro we believe simple is best.  In our Ice Cream you can expect Fresh Milk, Fresh Cream, Sugar and plant based emulsifiers and stabilisers. Our fruit Ice Cream’s contain real Fruit – Nothing else.

The proof in a wonderful rich Ice Cream, with a decadent balance of Milk, Cream and sugars, is it’s ability to peak.  Rush Munro’s is famous for its Peak Cone.  An Ice Cream scoop that looks like Tulip before bloom. Without a quality Ice Cream you cannot create a peak structure that holds without melting rapidly. Rush Munro’s is famous for its ability to peak its Ice Cream.

We love things local. We have been making our Ice Cream in Hastings for 95+ years. That means we have been able to keep to tradition and continue to do things the way they always have been done.